Join us on Thursday, October 3, 2013 when the Tulsa Interfaith Alliance will be the non-profit beneficiary at the weekly Trivia Night Fundraiser at Joe Momma’s Pizza (112 S Elgin in Tulsa’s Blue Dome District).  Joe Momma’s will make a donation to the TIA in an amount equal to 5% of total sales from 8pm-10pm.  Trivia games begin at 9pm.  So, come enjoy some great pizza, show off your trivia knowledge, and help out a great organization!


This event will be broadcast live via LiveStream, and will be available for viewing on that site for up to 30 days afterward.  You must create a FREE LiveStream account in order to view the live broadcast.  After logging in to the site, search for “Tulsa Interfaith Alliance” and our event (2013 Russell Bennett Award Presentation will pop up).  Select the event and enjoy the video!

Our annual Russell Bennett Award Presentation with be on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 2pm at All Souls Unitarian Church, 2952 S Peoria Ave in Tulsa.  Our guest speaker for this event will be Mikey Weinstein, Founder and President of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF).

The Russell Bennett Faith and Courage Award is presented annually to an individual or group who embodies Rev Russell Bennett’s commitment to the Tulsa Interfaith Alliance.  Rev Bennett was one of the principal founders of the Tulsa Interfaith Alliance, and he was one of those happy warriors who was always willing to stand in the breach or to lead the charge on a long list of issues.  This year’s recipient is Dr. Don Pittman, Director of the Interreligious Understanding Program at Phillips Theological Seminary.

We will honor Russ’ legacy with our program on that day.  Our speaker this year deals with the very real threat to religious freedom that is occurring today in our military.  From our military academies to the battlefield, from privates to chaplains, there is a concerted effort to impose a limited, dogmatic form of Christianity on all of our service members.  In choosing this topic, we have tried to continue in Russ’s tradition of taking on tough issues, those issues that most divide us, and doing so with respect and with the goal of increasing our common understanding.

For more information on this particular event, Mikey Weinstein, and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, please click this link.


The Tulsa Interfaith Alliance is proud to be the organizing agency for the Tulsa implementation of the Million Hearts Campaign‘s 100 Congregations initiative developed and organized by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services, and the Centers for Disease Control.  Tulsa has been selected as one of five US cities to participate in this faith-based initiative as part of the HHS’ campaign to prevent 1,000,000 heart attacks and strokes by 2017.  The other cities are Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, and San Diego.

Our first step in this project is to recruit 20 faith-based groups in Tulsa (our share of the 100 congregations) to agree to actively work on engaging their communities in the campaign.  If you represent a faith community in Tulsa that would be willing to join us in this effort, please contact us at  All faith communities are invited to participate, regardless of belief or affiliation.

Each congregation will be asked to appoint one “Million Hearts Advocate” to spearhead efforts in that community of faith.  The Million Hearts Advocate will select two of the following options to focus on in her/his community:

  • Establish and/or strengthen relationships with community pharmacists, health centers and health workers;
  • Distribute messages about the importance of and action steps to high blood pressure control;
  • Promote the Heart Health Mobile App that helps determine and reduce one’s heart attack and stroke risk; and
  • Distribute blood pressure tracking wallet cards 

If you or your congregation is interested in signing up as one of the 100 Congregations nationally, please send an email to