City Council Declares Tulsa a “Compassionate Community”

At their meeting on June 25, 2015, the Tulsa City Council unanimously approved a resolution endorsing the Charter for Compassion, declaring Tulsa a Compassionate Community, and authorizing the Human Rights Commission to develop and oversee a 10-year implementation strategy. Our Executive Director, Rev. Bob Lawrence, made a presentation at the Council meeting talking about the history and use of the Charter for Compassion, and highlighting the various agencies that, over the past 30 days, have officially endorsed the resolution. (See the list of supporting agencies below.) Lawrence was appointed by Rev Dr Cole, Chair of the Human Rights Commission, to the special task force that has been working on getting a resolution approved by the Council and Mayor.


On Monday, June 29 at 10:30am, Mayor Dewey F Bartlett, Jr will hold a press conference at which time he will announce his support of the resolution and hold a public signing of the resolution. Our Executive Director, Rev. Bob Lawrence, will be present to answer any questions.

Following the press conference, the special task force that has been working on getting the resolution approved will be meeting to begin identifying the initial members of the Compassion Committee that will be responsible for developing and overseeing a strategy designed to raise the awareness and increase the prevalence of compassion action in Tulsa.


The resolution approved by the Council grants the authority to oversee Compassionate Tulsa to the Human Rights Commission. The HRC will be creating the Compassion Committee to develop and implement a strategy to raise awareness and prevalence of compassionate action. The Compassion Committee will be a clearinghouse for information about opportunities for compassionate action, and will include five “at-large” members, and one member representing each of nine sectors of life in Tulsa: the Arts, Communities, Business, Education, the Environment, Health Care, Peace and Non-Violence, Religion and Spirituality, and Science and Research. The members representing the different sectors will be responsible for gathering together a broad range of individuals with interests in that sector and holding regular meetings designed to keep everyone aware of opportunities and experiences of compassionate action in each sector.

If you are interested in serving on that committee either “at-large” or representing one of the nine segments, please let us know.


*Jewish Federation of Tulsa (Community Relations Committee)
*Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice (OCCJ)
*John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation
*Mental Health Association of Oklahoma
*Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry (TMM)
*Tulsa Young Professionals (TYPros)
*Tulsa Human Rights Commission
*Phillips Theological Seminary
*Tulsa Interfaith Alliance
*Islamic Society of Tulsa
*Autism Center of Tulsa
*Circle Cinema
*PFLAG Tulsa


The Human Rights Commission and the new Compassion Committee are still working out all the structure and arrangements for the new Compassionate Tulsa campaign.

In the meantime,
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