Lobby Day in Support of Same-Gender Marriage, February 23, 2015

We join with our community partners, Oklahomans for Equality and Freedom Oklahoma for a special Lobby Day on Monday, February 23. You may already be aware that some of our legislators have bent over backward to write and submit legislation designed to roll back the steps toward equality granted through legal recognition of same-gender marriages. Their attempts to legislate discrimination in the name of religion are upsetting enough. However, some of those pieces of legislation have actually made it out of committee and will be debated by our legislators.

You are particularly invited to bring photos of your friends and family, especially those who have benefited from or have been able to participate in the legal recognition of same-gender marriage.

Our partners at Freedom Oklahoma have provided the following instructions:
“We will meet for orientation and training in room 511 A. Promptly at 8:30 AM we will begin a brief lobby training, eat a light breakfast, and hear from some of our legislative allies. Then we will be ready to for meetings with our legislators beginning at 10 AM. Freedom Oklahoma will arrange some of the appointments, but it is always best for you to request a meeting independently as well. Please contact us if you need help doing so. Free parking is available on the south side of the Capitol complex. Be advised that the area can get crowded while the Legislature is in session.”

Lori Walke and Bob Lawrence at the OK Capitol on Freedom Oklahoma's Lobby Day

Lori Walke and Bob Lawrence at the OK Capitol on Freedom Oklahoma’s Lobby Day 2015

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