Open Letter to OK Congressional Reps RE: Voting Rights Act

The following letter was sent to every member of Oklahoma’s congressional delegation.

August 28, 2013

           On this, the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington, the Tulsa Interfaith Alliance calls on all members of the Oklahoma congressional delegation to work to enact legislation that will restore the Voting Rights Act. We, as people of faith, stand with our fellow faith leaders from 50 years ago in understanding that the right to vote is central to our democracy, and worthy of federal protection.

            The actions of legislative and administrative bodies in other areas of our country after the recent US Supreme Court decision striking down parts of the Voting Rights Act are clear proof that this fundamental right of citizenship is under serious attack, and we ask for your assistance. You have each mentioned your strong support for other rights ensconced in our Constitution (e.g., the right to bear arms).  We are asking you to support the right to vote with the same vigor and commitment with which you have supported other rights.

            We in Oklahoma understand the importance of ensuring our fellow citizens have full access to their right to vote.  Maintaining a fully participatory government through the ballot box is not only key to our greatness as a nation, but it is also a deeply held Oklahoma value.  We ask our legislators to ensure that all citizens of legal voting age have equal and unfettered access to the polls.

            We look forward to your leadership on this issue.

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