TIA Celebrates Marriage Equality Action

The Tulsa Interfaith Alliance joins with countless individuals and couples throughout the state of Oklahoma to celebrate today’s decision by the US Supreme Court that has resulted in same-gender couples being able to legally marry in the state of Oklahoma. We agree with lower court decisions that there is no justifiable reason, under the US Constitution, to deny same-gender couples the right to marry.

For us, the issue is simple: we do not want any religion to interfere with the functions of our government, any more than we want our government to interfere with the functions of our religions. There is nothing about today’s decision, or the decisions leading up to it, that will infringe on the practice of anyone’s religion, and, at least in the case of recognizing marriages, no one’s religion will now infringe on the practice of our government.

We are also mindful of the fact that the issue of same-gender marriage recognition has not been resolved for all citizens of the USA, and we call on elected and judicial officials to right the wrong that has been allowed to stand by the US Supreme Court’s refusal to decide this issue.

We applaud, with deepest gratitude, the fortitude of the plaintiffs, Mary Bishop, Sharon Baldwin, Sue Barton and Gay Phillips, whose over 10 year struggle for justice has finally been resolved in their favor. The TIA has long supported their case, and we join with them in celebrating this day.

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